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Special Holter Issue of Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases edited by Dr Wojciech Zareba and dedicated to Professor Shlomo Stern has just been released!

You can find it on:www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/00330620/56/2


Table of contents

125 Ambulatory ECG Monitoring: Clinical Practice and Research Applications 125 Ambulatory ECG Monitoring: 50 Years Later
Wojciech Zareba
127 The Evolution of Ambulatory ECG Monitoring
Harold L. Kennedy
133 Prognostic Significance of Ambulatory ECG Monitoring for Ventricular Arrhythmias
Demosthenes G. Katritsis, George C.M. Siontis, and A. John Camm
143 Ambulatory ECG Monitoring in Atrial Fibrillation Management
Spencer Z. Rosero, Valentina Kutyifa, Brian Olshansky, and Wojciech Zareba
153 Heart Rate Variability in Risk Stratification of Cardiac Patients
Heikki V. Huikuri and Phyllis K. Stein
160 HeartRateTurbulence
Iwona Cygankiewicz
172 Ambulatory ECG-Based T-Wave Alternans Monitoring for Risk Assessment and Guiding Medical Therapy: Mechanisms and Clinical Applications
Richard L. Verrier and Takanori Ikeda
186 QTVariability Index
Craig P. Dobson, Andrew Kim, and Mark Haigney
195 The Clinical Significance of Continuous ECG (Ambulatory ECG or Holter) Monitoring of the ST-Segment to Evaluate Ischemia: A Review
Neil J. Wimmer, Benjamin M. Scirica, and Peter H. Stone
203 ECG Monitoring in Syncope
Martin H. Ruwald and Wojciech Zareba
211 Holter in Monitoring of Cardiac Pacing
Philippe Ritter
224 ECG Patch Monitors for Assessment of Cardiac Rhythm Abnormalities
S. Suave Lobodzinski


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