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On 26-28 September in Wrocław (Poland) the XVII International Congress of Polish Cardiac Society was organized. During this Congress a Joint Session of Polish Cardiac Society and ISHNE was held. The session entitled “Who Should be Qualified for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy” was chaired by Iwona Cygankiewicz and Krzysztof Wranicz and it attracted great interest among participants of the Congress.

The Board of Working Group for Noninvasive Electrocardiology and Telemedicine of Polish Cardiac Society is pleased to announce that at the Congress in Wrocław the Member of ISHNE Advisory Council - Rafał Baranowski, was elected to the National Board of Polish Cardiac Society. The term of office of the newly elected Board will take two years (2013-2015).


We hope that the work of Doctor Baranowski in National Board will bring many benefits to Polish electrocardiology and contribute to strengthening cooperation between Polish Cardiac Society and ISHNE.

Congratulations Rafał!


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