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Being a major diagnostic criterion in the context of arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy/dysplasia (ARVC/D), epsilon wave has great impact on the diagnostic score, which can be pivotal in patients with minimal clinical manifestations of the disease or family members undergoing screening for ARVC/D.  However, it remains not quantifiable and therefore may leave room for substantial subjective interpretation.

ISHNE Epsilon Wave Initiative was aimed to assess interobserver variability in regard to assessment of ECG patterns representing right precordial leads in subjects undergoing clinical screening for ARVC/D.

Dear  ISHNE Members,

16th ISHNE Congress starts the day after tomorrow in Lyon!

Find enclosed the congress program.
Please note, that ISHNE General Assembly will take place during the Opening Ceremony on Thursday at 6 PM.

See you in Lyon!

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Recently, Poland for two days has become the world capital of electrocardiology. On October 10-11, the symposium Baltic Electrocardiology Autumn: Telemedicine and Arrhythmia (BEATA) was held in the city of Sopot. ISHNE was the main organizer of this event. Faculty of the conference consisted of prominent specialists in the field of electrocardiology. They came to the Polish Baltic coast literally from all over the world. Participants of BEATA had the opportunity to listen to speakers from Argentina (Sergio Dubner), Canada (Derek Exner), Czech Republic (Josef Kautzner), Denmark (Christian Jons), Finland (Heikki Huikuri), France (Philippe Ritter), Germany (Friedrich Koehler), Hungary (Bela Merkely), Italy (Maurizio Gasparini, Antonio Raviele), Russia (Alexander Romanov), Sweden (Cecilia Linde, Pyotr Platonov), UK (John Camm) and USA (Hugh Calkins, Suave Lobodzinski, Brian Olshansky, Ewa Prokopczuk, Jonathan Steiberg, Niraj Varma, Wojciech Zaręba).


On September 16 passed away Jerzy Zadara (age of 68), President of Oxford Poland.

He was a man of business. He perfectly knew business rules but was never slave of them. He understood that business is for profit but he was first of all a visionary and could also realize the visions of others – and in the name of vision could incur losses. Those his qualities have created in the 80s of the twentieth century in Central Europe possibility of making a leap forward in the field of cardiology and electrocardiology. Jerzy Zadara took a risk and invested in technology invented by Norman Holter, long-term ambulatory ECG monitoring. Jerzy Zadara supported financially education, teaching and sciences . He also significantly supported activities of ISHNE. We will keep him in our memories.

President of ISHNE
Ryszard Piotrowicz

The past decade was a period of dynamic development of prolonged ECG registration and ECG signal analysis techniques. This resulted in a significant extension of the area of ​​interest of noninvasive electrocardiology.Considering this the BOT of ISHNE , made a decision to change the logo of our Society. The change involves adding the term "e-Cardiology".

On 5-8 March in Zakopane Kościelisko (Poland) the Fifth Winter ISHNE Meeting  was held.  Eminent lecturers - experts in the field of electrocardiology from Europe and the USA - came to Kościelisko. Interesting scientific and educational sessions were organized. Our journal, Annals of Noninvasive Electrocardiology,  also had its own session witch was chaired by the Presidents of ISHNE: the present – Ryszard Piotrowicz and  one of the past – Wojciech Zaręba. Very interesting were also  Cardiology Meets Physics and Mathematics workshops.

Bruce Del Mar

Dear All,

With deep sadness we share this news. Bruce Del Mar, a unique man full of passion and joy of life, the great inventor in the fields of aviation and electrocardiology, a longtime friend who has always supported ISHNE, passed away on February 12 at the age of 100.

President of ISHNE
Ryszard Piotrowicz

→ In memory of Bruce

We are pleased to announce that our website has been launched Education tab. You can find there an interesting ECG quiz sent by Andres Perez Riera, Raimundo Barbosa-Barros and Frank Yanowitz. We encourage all users of our website to solving the ECG quiz.

Special Holter Issue of Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases edited by Dr Wojciech Zareba and dedicated to Professor Shlomo Stern has just been released!

You can find it on:www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/00330620/56/2


Shlomo Stern

Dear All,

With deep regret and sadness I am to share with you the news
of the death of Professor Shlomo Stern, one of the great ISHNE founders - actual father
of our Society and its good spirit.

The great scientist recognized all over the world as well as the pioneer of Holter monitoring passed away. Patients have lost their beloved doctor. People working closely with ISHNE have lost
a friend, a mentor, a warm and good man.

It is hard to imagine that at the next BOT meeting he will not speak, as usual, quietly, wisely
and as the last one - summarizing discussions and proposing good Solomon solution.

With deep regret

Ryszard Piotrowicz
President of ISHNE

→ In memory of Shlomo


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