Volume 19 • Number 1 January 2014


The Thorough QT Study: Is Its Demise on the Horizon?

Philip T. Sager and Peter Kowey



ECG Diagnosis and Classification of Acute Coronary Syndromes

Yochai Birnbaum, James Michael Wilson, Miquel Fiol, Antonio Bayes de Luna, Markku Eskola,

and Kjell Nikus


Early Repolarization Syndrome: Electrocardiographic Signs and Clinical


Ciprian Rezus, Mariana Floria, Victor Dan Moga, Oana Sirbu, Nicoleta Dima, Simona Daniela Ionescu,

and Valentin Ambarus



Heart Rate Variability and Procedural Outcome in Catheter Ablation for

Atrial Fibrillation

Geoffrey E.J. Seaborn, Keith Todd, Kevin A. Michael, Adrian Baranchuk, Hoshiar Abdollah,

Christopher S. Simpson, Selim G. Akl, and Damian P. Redfearn


Electrocardiographic Reference Values for a Population of Older Adults

in Sub-Saharan Africa

Matthew J. Dewhurst, Luigi Y. Di Marco, Felicity Dewhurst, Philip C. Adams, Alan Murray,

Golda P. Orega, Julius C. Mwita, Richard W. Walker, and Philip Langley


Fragmented Surface ECG Was a Poor Predictor of Appropriate Therapies in Patients

with Chagas’ Cardiomyopathy and ICD Implantation (Fragmented ECG in CHAgas’

Cardiomyopathy Study)

Adrian Baranchuk, Francisco Femenia, Juan Cruz Lopez-Diez, Claudio Muratore, Mariana Valentino,

Enrique Retyk, Nestor Galizio, Darıo Di Toro, Karina Alonso, Wilma M. Hopman, and Rodrigo Miranda

on behalf of the FECHA Study Investigators


Celecoxib-Induced Change in Atrial Electrophysiologic Substrate in Arthritis


Katerina Pizzuto, Henry L Averns, Adrian Baranchuk, Hoshiar Abdollah, Kevin A. Michael,

Christopher Simpson, and Damian P. Redfearn


P-Wave Abnormality Predicts Recurrence of Atrial Fibrillation after Electrical

Cardioversion: A Prospective Study

Hanney Gonna, Mark Michael Gallagher, Xiao Hua Guo, Yee Guan Yap, Katerina Hnatkova,

and A. John Camm  



Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in Proximity to K-Channel Genes Are Associated

with Decreased Longitudinal QTc Variance

Yuliya Mints, Vadim Zipunnikov, Irfan Khurram, Hugh Calkins, and Saman Nazarian


The IQ-CSRC Prospective Clinical Phase 1 Study: “Can Early QT Assessment Using

Exposure Response Analysis Replace the Thorough QT Study?”

Borje Darpo, Nenad Sarapa, Christine Garnett, Charles Benson, Corina Dota, Georg Ferber,

Venkateswar Jarugula, Lars Johannesen, James Keirns, Kevin Krudys, Catherine Ortemann-Renon,

Steve Riley, Danise Rogers-Subramaniam, and Norman Stockbridge


Use of Continuous ECG for Improvements in Assessing the Standing Response

as a Positive Control for QT Prolongation

Anthony A. Fossa, Meijian Zhou, Nuala Brennan, Patrick Round, and John Ford



Bidirectional Ventricular Tachycardia?

Jos´e L. Serra, Julian A. Caresani, and Julio O. Bono


Very Early Recurrence of Takotsubo Syndrome

Zhaolong Xu, Qiang Li, Renguang Liu, and Yuhong Li


Vagal Enhancement Linking Abnormal Blood Pressure Response and Subendocardial

Ischemia in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Tatsuya Kawasaki and Hiroki Sugihara



T-Wave Alternans, ST-Segment Depression, Left Ventricular Hypertrophy, and

Mortality Risk in Patients with Ischemic Cardiomyopathy: Some Possible

Confounding Factors

John E. Madias


Volume 19 • Number 2 March 2014


Noninvasive Imaging of Cardiac Excitation: Current Status and Future Perspective

A.W. Maurits van der Graaf, Pranav Bhagirath, Hemanth Ramanna, Vincent J.H.M. van Driel,

Jacques de Hooge, Natasja M.S. de Groot, and Marco J.W. Gotte



Number of P-Wave Fragmentations on P-SAECG Correlates with Infiltrated Atrial


Sindhoora Murthy, Patricia Rizzi, Nathan Mewton, David G. Strauss, Chia Y. Liu,

Gustavo Jardim Volpe, Francis E. Marchlinski, Peter Spooner, Ronald D. Berger, Peter Kellman,

Joao A.C. Lima, and Larisa G. Tereshchenko


Automated Assessment of Cardiac Autonomic Function by Means of Deceleration

Capacity from Noisy, Nonstationary ECG Signals: Validation Study

Christian Eick, Konstantinos D. Rizas, Christine S. Zuern, and Axel Bauer


Diagnostic Accuracy of a New Cardiac Electrical Biomarker for Detection of

Electrocardiogram Changes Suggestive of Acute Myocardial Ischemic Injury

David M. Schreck and Robert D. Fishberg


An Analysis of the U-Wave and Its Relation to the T-Wave in Body Surface Potential

Maps for Healthy Subjects and MI Patients

Małgorzata Fereniec, Gunter Stix, Michał Kania, Tomasz Mroczka, and Roman Maniewski


Heart Rate Variability and Heart Rate Turbulence in Patients with Hematologic

Malignancies Subjected to High-Dose Chemotherapy in the Course of

Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Małgorzata Poreba, Rafał Poreba, Paweł Ga´c, Lidia Usnarska-Zubkiewicz, Witold Pilecki,

Ewa Piotrowicz, Ryszard Piotrowicz, Leszek Rusiecki, Kazimierz Kuliczkowski, Grzegorz Mazur,

and Małgorzata Sobieszczanska


Relation of Low Vitamin D to Nonvalvular Persistent Atrial Fibrillation in Chinese


Wei Ren Chen, Zhi Ying Liu, Yang Shi, Da Wei Yin, Hao Wang, Yuan Sha, and Yun Dai Chen


Holter Electrocardiography Findings and P-Wave Dispersion in Pediatric Patients

with Transcatheter Closure of Atrial Septal Defects

Isa Ozyilmaz, Sinem Ozyilmaz, Hasan Tahsin Tola, Murat Saygi, Neslihan Kiplapinar,

Cansaran Tanıdır, Yakup Ergul, Alper Guzeltas, and Ender Odemis



Comparison of Two Methods of Estimating Reader Variability in QT Interval

Measurements in Thorough QT/QTc Studies

Vaibhav Salvi, Dilip R. Karnad, Vaibhav Kerkar, Gopi Krishna Panicker, Mili Natekar,

and Snehal Kothari



QT Prolongation and T-Wave Alternans during Catheter Ablation of Atrial

Fibrillation: A Case Report

Aditya Saini, Hemal Shah, and Samir Saba


Sustained Ventricular Tachycardia in a Patient with Thalassemia Major

Nermin Bayar, Sakir Arslan, Zehra Erkal, and Selcuk Kucukseymen


EKG Pattern of Brugada Syndrome and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome—Is It Time

to Review the Diagnostic Criteria? Case Report and Review of Literature

Emiliana Franco, Andre Dias, Daniele Teresa, and Kathy Hebert



Is Prolonged QTc Sufficient to Predict Survival in Patients with Intracerebral


Yavuzer Koza


Response to Koza

Is Prolonged QTc Sufficient to Predict Survival in Patients with Intracerebral


Clara Hjalmarsson and Lennart Bergfeldt

Volume 19 • Number 3 May 2014 


Interaction between Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability

Jerzy Sacha



A Novel Method for Real-Time Atrial Fibrillation Detection in Electrocardiograms

Using Multiple Parameters

Xiaochuan Du, Nini Rao, Mengyao Qian, Dingyu Liu, Jie Li, Wei Feng, Lixue Yin,

and Xu Chen


Impact of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Therapy on Atrial

Electromechanical Delay and P-Wave Dispersion in Patients with Obstructive

Sleep Apnea

Pınar Turker Bayır, Burcu Demirkan, Omer Bayır, Serkan Duyuler, Hikmet Fırat, Umit Guray,

Yesim Guray, and Emel Cadallı Tatar


Electrocardiographic Findings in Accessory Right Precordial Leads in Adults and

Seniors with Notched S Waves in Lead V1—A Preliminary Study

Zhan Zhong-qun, Kjell C. Nikus, Andres Ricardo Perez-Riera, and Wang Chong-quan


Brief Assessment of Supine Heart Rate Variability in Normal Weight, Overweight,

and Obese Females

Zienab Alrefaie


Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Hemodialysis Patients with Wearable Cardioverter


Chingping Wan, Charles A. Herzog, Wojciech Zareba, and Steven J. Szymkiewicz


Electrocardiography at Diagnosis and Close to the Time of Death in Pulmonary

Arterial Hypertension

Adriano R. Tonelli, Manfred Baumgartner, Laith Alkukhun, Omar A. Minai,

and Raed A. Dweik


Usefulness of P-Wave Signal Averaging to Predict Atrial Fibrillation Recurrences

after Electrical Cardioversion

Coralie Blanche, Nam Tran, David Carballo, Fabio Rigamonti, Haran Burri,

and Marc Zimmermann


Nonreassuring Fetal Heart Rate Decreases Heart Rate Variability in Newborn


Tzong-Chyi Sheen, Ming-Huei Lu, Mei-Yu Lee, and Su-Ru Chen



The Use of Fontaine Leads in the Diagnosis of Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular


Byron Gottschalk, Michael Gysel, Raimundo Barbosa-Barros, Ricardo Paulo De Sousa Rocha,

Andres Ricardo Perez-Riera, Li Zhang, Guy Fontaine, and Adrian Baranchuk


Reversible T-Wave Inversions and Neurogenic Myocardial Stunning in a Patient with

Recurrent Stress-Induced Cardiomyopathy

Yasushi Akutsu, Kyouichi Kaneko, Yusuke Kodama, Hui-Ling Li, Jumpei Suyama, Tsutomu Toshida,

Hiroyuki Kayano, Akira Shinozuka, Takehiko Gokan, and Youichi Kobayashi


Wide Complex Tachycardia in the Presence of Class I Antiarrhythmic Agents:

A Diagnostic Challenge

Bhaskar Bhardwaj, Ralph Lazzara, and Stavros Stavrakis


Sudden Death Due to Nonarrhythmic Cause in a Patient with L-TGA

Robert M. Hayward, Philip C. Ursell, Elyse Foster, and Zian H. Tseng


Volume 19 • Number 4 July 2014


Vernakalant for the Conversion of Atrial Fibrillation: The New Kid On the Block?

Diego Conde and Adrian Baranchuk


Beneficial Effects of Physical Activity on Baroreflex Control in the Elderly

Maria Teresa La Rovere and Gian Domenico Pinna


Utility of the Exercise Electrocardiogram Testing in Sudden Cardiac Death Risk


Marwan M. Refaat, Mostafa Hotait, and Zian H. Tseng



Reliability and Validity of Clinician ECG Interpretation for Athletes

Charles Magee, Joshua Kazman, Mark Haigney, Ralph Oriscello, Kent J. DeZee, Patricia Deuster,

Patrick Depenbrock, and Francis G. O’Connor


A Novel ECG-Index for Prediction of Ventricular Arrhythmias in Patients after

Myocardial Infarction

Mathias Hetland, Kristina H. Haugaa, Sebastian I. Sarvari, Gunnar Erikssen, Erik Kongsgaard,

and Thor Edvardsen


Significance and Usefulness of Narrow Fragmented QRS Complex on 12-Lead

Electrocardiogram in Acute ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction for

Prediction of Early Mortality and Morbidity

Berna Stavileci, Murat Cimci, Baris Ikitimur, Hasan Ali Barman, Sevgi Ozcan, Esra Ataoglu,

and Rasim Enar


Ranolazine for the Suppression of Ventricular Arrhythmia: A Case Series

Eric Yeung, Mori J. Krantz, Joseph L. Schuller, Rita A. Dale, and Mark C. Haigney


Fragmented QRS Predicts the Arrhythmic Events in Patients with Heart Failure

Undergoing ICD Implantation for Primary Prophylaxis: More Fragments More

Appropriate ICD Shocks

Fırat Ozcan, Osman Turak, Ugur Canpolat, Sedat Avci, Derya Tok, Ahmet Isleyen,

Muhammed Cebeci, Huseyin Yuzgecer, Ozgu¨ l Malcok Gurel, Serkan Topaloglu, Dursun Aras,

Fatma Nurcan Basar, and Sinan Aydogdu


QT Restitution Properties during Exercise in Male Patients with Coronary Artery


Dongdong Zhao, Yidong Wei, Kai Tang, Xuejing Yu, Jing Wen, Jingying Zhang, and Yawei Xu


P-Wave Morphology Is Unaffected by Atrial Size: A Study in Healthy Athletes

Richard Petersson, Hilde M. Berge, Gard F. Gjerdalen, Jonas Carlson, Fredrik Holmqvist,

Kjetil Steine, and Pyotr G. Platonov


Assessment of Inhomogeneities of Repolarization in Patients with Systemic Lupus


Ahmet Avci, Kenan Demir, Bulent Behlul Altunkeser, Sema Yilmaz, Ahmet Yilmaz,

Ahmet Ersecgin, and Tarik Demir



Effect of Flecainide on T-Wave Alternans in Andersen–Tawil Syndrome

Hideki Hayashi, Tamiro Kawaguchi, and Minoru Horie  



Brugada Phenocopy Clinical Reproducibility Demonstrated by Recurrent


Natalia R. Genaro, Daniel D. Anselm, Nahuel Cervino, Ariel O. Estevez, Carlos Perona,

Alejandro M. Villamil, Ruben Kervorkian, and Adrian Baranchuk


Sinus Arrest and Asystole Caused by a Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter

Allison Nazinitsky, Melody Covington, and Laszlo Littmann


Unusual Cause of Syncope in a Patient with Ischemic Heart Disease

Mohit D. Gupta, Girish, Mayank Goyal, MSK Subhendu, and Sanjay Tyagi


Correlation Between ST-Segment Elevation and Negative T Waves in the Precordial

Leads in Acute Pulmonary Embolism: Insights into Serial Electrocardiogram


Zhan Zhong-qun, Yang Bo, Kjell C. Nikus, Andres Ricardo Perez-Riera, Wang Chong-quan,

and Wang Xian-ming



P-Wave Duration or P-Wave Morphology? Interatrial Block: Seeking for the Holy

Grail to Predict AF Recurrence

Adrian Baranchuk, Diego Conde, Andres Enriquez, and Antoni Bayes de Luna


Response to Baranchuk et al.

Hanney Gonna and Mark M Gallagher


Volume 19 • Number 5 September 2014 


Consensus Documents on Current Topics in ECG Interpretation

Wojciech Zareba, Ryszard Piotrowicz, Miguel Fiol, and Antoni Bayes de Luna



The Role of the ECG in Diagnosis, Risk Estimation, and Catheterization Laboratory

Activation in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndromes: A Consensus Document

Yochai Birnbaum, Kjell Nikus, Paul Kligfield, Miguel Fiol, Jose Antonio Barrabes, Alessandro Sionis,

Olle Pahlm, J. Garcia Niebla, and Antonio Bayes de Luna


Negative T Wave in Ischemic Heart Disease: A Consensus Article

Antonio Bayes de Luna, Wojciech Zareba, Miquel Fiol, Kjell Nikus, Yochai Birnbaum,

Rafael Baranowski, Diego Goldwasser, Paul Kligfield, Ryszard Piotrowicz, Gunter Breithardt,

and Hein Wellens


Prinzmetal Angina: ECG Changes and Clinical Considerations: A Consensus Paper

Antonio Bayes de Luna, Iwona Cygankiewicz, Adrian Baranchuk, Miquel Fiol, Yochai Birnbaum,

Kjell Nikus, Diego Goldwasser, Javier Garcia-Niebla, Samuel Sclarovsky, Hein Wellens,

and Gunter Breithardt



Myocardial Tissue Perfusion Predicts the Evolution of Fragmented QRS in Patients

with ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction Undergoing Primary

Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

Firat Ozcan, Osman Turak, Ugur Canpolat, Iskender Kadife, Sedat Avci, Ahmet Isleyen,

Muhammed Cebeci, Ozgu¨ l Malcok Gurel, Fatma Nurcan Basar, Derya Tok, Serkan Topaloglu,

Dursun Aras, and Sinan Aydogdu


Comparison of Cardiogoniometry and ECG at Rest versus Myocardial Perfusion


Stefan Weber, Ralf Birkemeyer, Dominik Schultes, Walter Grewenig, and Thomas Huebner


Influence of Atrioventricular Optimization on Hemodynamic Parameters and Quality

of Life in Patients with Dual Chamber Pacemaker with Ventricular Lead in Right

Ventricular Outflow Tract

Artur Klimczak, Adam S. Budzikowski, Marcin Rosiak, Marzenna Zielinska, Bozena Urbanek,

Karol Bartczak, Michał Chudzik, and Jerzy K. Wranicz


Parameters of Heart Rate Variability Can Predict Prolonged Asystole before Head-Up

Tilt Table Test

Erdal Gursul, Serdar Bayata, Selcen Yakar Tuluce, Rida Berilgen, Ozgen Safak, Emre Ozdemir,

and Kamil Tuluce


The Natural History of Multifocal Atrial Rhythms in Elderly Outpatients: Insights

from the “Ikaria Study”

George Lazaros, Christina Chrysohoou, Evaggelos Oikonomou, Dimitrios Tsiachris, Savvas Mazaris,

Erifili Venieri, Kostas Zisimos, Marina Zaromytidou, Maria Kariori, Stamatis Kioufis, Christos Pitsavos,

and Christodoulos Stefanadis


Short QT in a Cohort of 1.7 Million Persons: Prevalence, Correlates, and Prognosis

Carlos Iribarren, Alfred D. Round, Jonathan A. Peng, Meng Lu, Arthur L. Klatsky, Jonathan G. Zaroff,

Taylor J. Holve, Amit Prasad, and Paul Stang



A New Type of Dual Atrioventricular Nodal Nonreentrant Tachycardia

Krzysztof Kaczmarek, Jan Ruta, Jerzy Wranicz, and Pawel Ptaszynski


Coexistence of Wolff–Parkinson–White and Brugada Syndrome: Mere Curiosity?

Elisabeth Kaiser, Luciana Sacilotto, Francisco Darrieux, and Eduardo Sosa



LMCA Disease and T-Wave Positivity in Lead aVR

Nihal Tefik and Atila Bitigen


Volume 19 • Number 6 November 2014 


Correlation of Electrocardiogram and Regional Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Findings in ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction: A Literature Review

Irina Rinta-Kiikka, Suvi Tuohinen, Pertti Ryymin, Petteri Kosonen, Heini Huhtala,

Anton Gorgels, Antonio Bayes de Luna, and Kjell Nikus


Left Ventricular Hypertrophy: The Relationship between the Electrocardiogram and

Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Ljuba Bacharova and Martin Ugander


QRS-T Angle: A Review

Andrew Oehler, Trevor Feldman, Charles A. Henrikson, and Larisa G. Tereshchenko



Electrocardiogram Patterns during Hemodynamic Instability in Patients with Acute

Pulmonary Embolism

Zhong-qun Zhan, Chong-quan Wang, Kjell C. Nikus, Chao-rong He, Jin Wang, Shan Mao,

and Xiong-jian Dong


Relationship of Electrocardiographic Left Ventricular Hypertrophy to the Presence of

Diastolic Dysfunction

Joseph M. Krepp, Fay Lin, James K. Min, Richard B. Devereux, and Peter M. Okin 


QT Dispersion in HIV-Infected Patients Receiving Combined Antiretroviral


Wanwarang Wongcharoen, Somkhuan Suaklin, Nualnit Tantisirivit, Arintaya Phrommintikul,

and Nipon Chattipakorn


Evolution of Electrocardiographic Abnormalities in Association with Neuromuscular

Disorders and Survival in Left Ventricular Hypertrabeculation/Noncompaction

Claudia Stollberger, Daniel Gerger, Peter Jirak, Christian Wegner, and Josef Finsterer


QT Interval Prolongation in End-Stage Liver Disease Cannot Be Explained by

Nonhepatic Factors

Divyang Patel, Prabhpreet Singh, William Katz, Christopher Hughes, Kapil Chopra,

and Jan Nemec



Use of ECG Restitution (Beat-to-Beat QT-TQ Interval Analysis) to Assess

Arrhythmogenic Risk of QTc Prolongation with Guanfacine

Anthony A. Fossa, Meijian Zhou, Antoine Robinson, Jaideep Purkayastha, and Patrick Martin



Asystole Detected by Implantable Loop Recorders: True or False?

Hussam Ali, Antonio Sorgente, Elisabetta Daleffe, and Riccardo Cappato

Piezoelectric Electrocardiographic Artifact in a Patient after Surgery with

Bradycardia and Hypotension

Richard Cheng and Tarun Chakravarty


U Wave Variability in the Surface ECG

Piotr Kukla, Adrian Baranchuk, Marek Jastrzebski, and Leszek Bryniarski



Brugada Phenocopy: Morphological Classification and Importance of Provocative


Byron Gottschalk, Daniel D. Anselm, and Adrian Baranchuk

Response to: Brugada Phenocopy: Morphological Classification and Importance of

Provocative Testing

Mehdi Rambod, Sherif Elhanafi, and Debabrata Mukherjee