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Review article

First-Degree AV Block—An Entirely Benign Finding or a Potentially Curable Cause of Cardiac Disease? (pages 215–224). Fredrik Holmqvist and James P. Daubert

Original articles

Electrocardiographic Predictors of Sudden Cardiac Death in Patients with Left Ventricular Hypertrophy (pages 225–229). Ragesh Panikkath, Kyndaron Reinier, Audrey Uy-Evanado, Carmen Teodorescu, Karen Gunson, Jonathan Jui and Sumeet S. Chugh

Predicting Recovery of Myocardial Function by Electrocardiography after Acute Infarction (pages 230–239). Minna M. Kylmälä, Teijo Konttila, Paula Vesterinen, Mats Lindholm, Heikki Väänänen, Matti Stenroos, Markku S. Nieminen, Helena Hänninen and Lauri Toivonen

Assessment of Ventricular Repolarization Variability with the DeltaT50 Method Improves Identification of Patients with Congenital Long QT Syndromes (pages 240–250). Christina Abrahamsson, Corina Dota, Bo Skallefell, Leif Carlsson, Lars Frison, Anders Berggren, Nils Edvardsson and Göran Duker

Quantitative Electrocardiographic Measures, Neuromuscular Disorders, and Survival in Left Ventricular Hypertrabeculation/Noncompaction (pages 251–255). Claudia Stöllberger, Daniel Gerger, Christian Wegner and Josef Finsterer

Single Oral Flecainide Dose to Unmask Type 1 Brugada Syndrome Electrocardiographic Pattern (pages 256–261). Sergio Dubner, Damián Azocar, Sebastián Gallino, Alfonso Rafael Cerantonio, Sergio Muryan, Juan Medrano and Carlos Bruno

f-Wave Suppression Method for Improvement of Locating T-Wave Ends in Electrocardiograms during Atrial Fibrillation (pages 262–270). Xiaochuan Du, Nini Rao, Feng Ou, Guogong Xu, Lixue Yin and Gang Wang

Diagnostic and Prognostic Value of Low QRS Voltages in Cardiac AL Amyloidosis (pages 271–280). Roberta Mussinelli, Francesco Salinaro, Alessio Alogna, Michele Boldrini, Ambra Raimondi, Francesco Musca, Giovanni Palladini, Giampaolo Merlini and Stefano Perlini

Sinus Bradycardia and Sinus Pauses Immediately after Electrical Cardioversion of Persistent Atrial Fibrillation—What Do They Mean? (pages 281–287). Dritan Poçi, Britt-Marie Abrahamsson, Nils Edvardsson and Lennart Bergfeldt

Genetic corner

Do LQTS Gene Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Alter QTc Intervals at Rest and during Exercise Stress Testing? (pages 288–293). Peter F. Aziz, Tammy S. Wieand, Jamie Ganley, Jacqueline Henderson, Michael McBride and Maully J. Shah

Case reports

Electrocardiographic Algorithm for the Diagnosis of Inadvertent Implantation of Permanent Pacemaker Lead in the Left Ventricular Cavity (pages 294–296). Gustavo Goldenberg, Zaza Iakobishvili and Boris Strasberg

Exercise-Induced Atrial Fibrillation by Myocardial Ischemia in a Young Male: A Rare Case Report (pages 297–298). Virgilio Martínez-Mateo, Jose Plaza and Antonio Paule

The Mischievous Bundle: A Case of Varying Degrees of Right Bundle Branch Block on Alternate Beats during Exercise Stress Testing (pages 299–303). Sukhvinder Singh

Letter to the editor

An Unusual ECG Artifact? Re: ST Elevation in One Lead (page 304). William F. McIntyre and Adrian Baranchuk


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Ambulatory ECG and external cardiac monitoring/telemetry

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