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July 17, 2013

It is with the upmost appreciation, admiration, and gratitude that we honor Bruce Del Mar on his 100th birthday. Bruce has been one of the original and most important inventors and developers of ambulatory (Holter) equipment. He met with Norman Jefferis “Jeff” Holter in 1962 and together they developed the first equipment used in the recording of ECG signals from ambulatory individuals. The technologies have evolved to an extraordinary degree since the early days when an “ambulatory” monitor was larger than a heavy backpack.

Many of the founding members of the Society for Holter and Noninvasive Electrocardiology (ISHNE) have worked closely with Bruce Del Mar to help develop and refine the methodologies for ambulatory ECG recording. Dr. Hal Kennedy, one of ISHNE’s earliest pioneers, has been a steadfast friend and colleague of Bruce, and has one of the earliest Holter recording devices.

Bruce del Mar Bruce has been an invaluable supporter and friend of ISHNE and we have shared priorities and shared visions for many decades. ISHNE created an Annual Del Mar Senior and Junior Investigator Award which has been awarded at each ISHNE Biennial Congress to the most meritorious investigators in ISHNE. These Senior and Junior Awardees have become major contributors to the field of noninvasive electrocardiology. ISHNE has also honored Bruce by making him an Honorary Fellow of our Society and by bestowing upon him a Special ISHNE Award for his Pioneering Contributions in the Development of Holter Monitoring Technology.

On behalf of all of ISHNE we, the undersigned past Presidents of ISHNE, as well as the Current Executive Committee, wish the happiest of birthdays to Bruce Del Mar on his 100th birthday. We celebrate him, we honor him, and we remain devoted to him as our colleague, our mentor, our supporter and our friend.


Past Presidents:Current Executive Committee:
Shlomo Stern, MD
Harold Kennedy, MD, MPH
Arthur Moss, MD
Vinzenz Hombach, MD
Branco Mautner, MD
Prakash Deedwania, MD
Ali Oto, MD
Wojciech Zareba, MD, PhD
Sergio Dubner, MD
Peter Stone, MD
Ryszard Piotrowicz, MD,President
Jonathan Steinberg, MD,President-Elect
Derek Exner, Vice President
Mark Haigney, MD, Treasurer
Iwona Cygankiewicz, MD, Secretary


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