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Professor Branco Mautner was born in Sagrev, ex-Yugoslavia and came to Argentina with his family when he was a child. He got married with Renee and had two children.  He lived in Buenos Aires until he retired from being the Medical Director and dean of the School of Medicine at the Favaloro Foundation.

He was the Chief at the Coronary Care Unit at the Fernandez Hospital until 1992 when he was contacted by Rene Favaloro who invited him to start working at the Favaloro Foundation, where he developed a large part of his medical experience, being an advisory member of the board of directors, Head of the Department of Teaching and Clinical Research, Professor of Medicine and Cardiology and finally, Dean of the School of Medicine. 

He was also the President of the Argentine Society of Cardiology in 1985 and President of the Argentine Foundation of Cardiology in 1986 thru 1989.  Dr Mautner was Fellow of the American College of Cardiology, American Heart Association, New York Academy of Sciences and European Society of Cardiology

Soon after the development of the Holter techniques, he started working on his favorite topic: cardiac ischemia and published several papers on this topic.  He worked very hard and increased his participation at the International Society for Holter and Noninvasive Electrocardiology (ISHNE) at different levels until 1998 when he was elected President for the period 1998-2000.  In 2003 he organized a very successfully ISHNE congress in Buenos Aires, with a large participation.  In 2007, in Athens, he was honored with the Del Mar Senior Investigator Award in recognition of his work.

He was the author and coauthor of 225 publications, 20 chapters and 3 books.  The last one, Evidence-Based Cardiology is up to date, the reference book for local cardiologists and students. He was the Principal Investigator of 11 international trials and received 8 awards for his scientific work.

This is our humble tribute to this teacher, investigator and good person. Besides all these achievements, Branco was a very good friend.


Sergio Dubner, MD, FACC
President of ISHNE 2007-2009

Professor Branco Mautner
Professor Branco Mautner


Professor Branco Mautner and his wife Renee
Professor Branco Mautner and his wife Renee


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